INNOVARE Swiss-Eurasian Innovative Platform and the Alliance of Technology Commercialization Professionals have signed a cooperation agreement to promote Kazakhstani innovative companies in Europe and Swiss companies in Kazakhstan.

Organization of joint projects for the promotion of Kazakhstani innovative companies in Europe and the Swiss high-tech companies in Kazakhstan, search of technology transfer partners, market expansion and joint R&D projects are only some of the objectives of the cooperation agreement signed in June between the Swiss-Eurasian innovative platform INNOVARE and Alliance of Technology Commercialization Professionals from Astana.

In recent years, Kazakhstan conducts a very active policy in the field of innovation and support of high-tech companies. Modern centres of scientific research, such as the National Centre of Biotechnology in Astana, which completely corresponds to the European research standards in the field of biochemistry, were created in Kazakhstan. Opening of new co-working spaces and accelerators, universities which are actively involved in the innovation process, as well as the whole system of measures to support start-ups and innovation, adopted at the governmental level, make Kazakhstan one of the leading centres of innovation development in the region. In addition to all that, there is a large consumer market, which opens the door to other countries of the Eurasian region, therefore the Swiss enterprises and high-tech companies have already started to establish links with their Kazakh colleagues and organize joint projects. 

One of the events that will allow to get to know better the innovative achievements of each other is the Swiss Pavilion at EXPO-2017 "Energy of the Future" in Astana. It has a special program, representing innovation and start-ups in the field of clean and energy efficient technologies from both countries. 

Victoria Graf, a co-founder of the INNOVARE platform, believes that "Switzerland, with its excellent infrastructure, high level of education and R&D can be an ideal partner for Kazakhstani companies to enter the European markets". INNOVARE will make every effort to make the signed agreement be the basis of the development of specific projects both in Switzerland and Kazakhstan.

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