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ATCP is an association of individuals and legal entities created for the development of technology commercialization system in the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Members of the ATCP may be physical and legal entities engaged in activities directly or indirectly related to the technologies commercialization

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010000, Astana, Korgalzhyn highway 13/5, National Center for Biotechnology building, office A317, info@atcp.kz, +7 708 425 6494,


The second season of the «Startup «Bolashak»  Competition with the total prize over 30 mln tenge is launched  

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Switzerland and Kazakhstan join efforts to support innovation

A cooperation agreement was signed between INNOVARE and ATCP  

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DEAR VISITORS! WELCOME TO THE ALLIANCE OF TECHNOLOGY COMMERCIALIZATION PROFESSIONALS!  The whole history of mankind is closely connected with the development of technology and it is hard for us to imagine a modern life without the products of intellectual work. Innovators have always been a driving force for progress and a key element of the knowledge-driven economy. The process of implementation of innovative projects starting from an idea to a particular product or service in the market is complex, and requires appropriate skills. Alliance of Technology Commercialization Professionals as a competent organization in this process is a platform for technology brokers and all other persons professionally engaged in administration of technology commercialization projects. Alliance of Technology Commercialization Professionals was established in the framework of the project of technology commercialization between MES RK and the World Bank. It was aimed at the dissemination of knowledge and experience gained during the work with a portfolio of different technologies. The whole Project Team as well as project groups have achieved good results in cooperation with foreign partners - members of the International Science and Commercialization Board, CRDF Global and IC2 Institute of University of Texas from 2011 to 2015. 40 out of 65 supported projects were able to reach the market with sales of more than 1 billion tenge and 10 technology licensing deals were concluded. In 2015, Kazakhstan adopted a law on the commercialization of scientific and scientific-technical activity, which opens up new horizons of opportunities for building an effective system of commercialization in the country. Since 2016 Kazakhstan is implementing the World Bank project for stimulating productive innovation for 110 mln. US dollars, which allocates grant funding. In general, the country has a great potential for cooperation between business and science in order to introduce competitive developments that will work for the benefit of the entire economy of our country. . PRESIDENT ABDILDA SHAMENOV //

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Second stage of science and technology commercialization
Kazakhstan to launch second stage of science and technology commercialization
Abdilda Shamenov on Technology Commercialization in Kazakhstan
Innovation is a key component to any modern economy. In 2015, CRDF Global concluded a joint project with World Bank to boost innovation in Kazakhstan through technology commercialization.
Проект "Коммерциализация технологий" в Казахстане
Как защищать проект перед грантовой комиссией
Эффективная презентация для грантовой программы ТОО "ЦКТ"
Объявлены итоги конкурса «Коммерциализация технологий»
Итоги конкурса «Коммерциализация технологий»



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